We couldn’t have said it better than Joe Levi, so we just wanted to repost his blog article. You can view the original article on his website. This was published by Joe on August 8th, 2019

“Have you noticed that the vast majority of these mass-murders occur in locations which have “no guns allowed” policies? These policies turn every person within them into a sitting duck for criminals to carry out their attacks. Is there any doubt why these criminals choose such locations?

Radical, anti-Second Second Amendment Bills H.R. 1112 and H.R. 8 have already passed the U.S. House of Representatives and could become law unless we tell our Senators to oppose them.

The provisions in NEITHER of these to bills would have prevented the recent mass-murders – even anti-gun “news” organization CNN admitted that such laws would not have stopped the killings in Dayton and El Paso.

If we are not willing to pass laws which make any entity (whether private or government) responsible for the guaranteed protection of every individual on (and traveling to/from) their property, and liable for all damages (including wrongful death) should they fail in that responsibility; then we MUST allow and encourage individuals to provide for their own protection, and the protection of their families.

Instead of further infringing upon our Right to self-preservation, we should pursue MEANINGFUL legislation which would:

  1. Remove Federal restrictions which currently prevent law-abiding citizens from carrying a sidearm for self-defense.
  2. Utilize the Equal Protection clause to implement nation-wide reciprocity for those law-abiding citizens who hold a permit to carry a sidearm to carry that sidearm in states they are traveling through or visiting.
  3. Oppose any and all “Red Flag Laws,” which allow the government to confiscate our self-defense tools without a trial, based upon someone declaring that you are a threat. While it can be argued that a carefully crafted, “extreme risk protective order” law may have some benefit, all of the current bills and proposals are written very broadly, to help make it easy for government authorities to confiscate your firearms.
  4. Introduce/Co-Sponsor/Support legislation which would make property owners/managers who prohibit/restrict lawful self-defense with responsibly carried sidearms responsible for the protection of every individual on their property (and in transit to/from), and liable for all damages (including wrongful death) should they fail in that responsibility.

Studies have shown that criminals prefer unarmed victims – and “no guns allowed” policies provide a “safe working environment” for them to prey on their victims.

It’s time to eliminate these “sitting duck” zones, and allow and encourage law-abiding mothers and fathers to carry effective tools of self-defense to finally put an end to these meaningless attacks!”