After multiple requests from elected officials and candidates, we are pleased to announce the new Caucus Convention Pledge. The purpose of the pledge is to create a unified way to show support for Utah’s caucus and convention system.

The caucus and convention system has several benefits:

  • It requires face-to-face conversations between neighbors about critical issues of the day, sorely needed in a time of political polarization
  • It creates a pathway for average Utahns to run for office without having to be independently wealthy; collecting signatures can cost tens of thousands of dollars for larger races
  • It facilitates candidate engagement with voters in cottage meetings, picnics, and other community based events where they can learn directly about issues that matter to Utahns

This year, we had the most candidates run for office via the convention path in the history of the party. As a result, the convention ran many hours longer than planned – and even when the hour approached midnight, we still had more than 75% of the delegates in the room. We credentialed 3,856 delegates for the 2024 nominating convention or 96% of total eligible delegates; by the time we completed the first round of the last election of the evening (for U.S. Senate), there were still nearly 3,200 people in attendance.

The text of the pledge reads as follows:

I affirm my support for Utah’s Neighborhood Caucus System, a pivotal force in upholding the principles of republican government, freedom of political association, and the right to self-govern as enshrined in the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Utah Constitution.


This collaborative system, adopted by the Utah Republican Party, actively fosters democratic engagement, and increases government accountability by empowering unpaid volunteers–elected by their neighbors across Utah–to nominate candidates for public office.


I pledge to strengthen and safeguard Utah’s Neighborhood Caucus System and oppose any legislation, resolution, initiative, or executive action that undermines its integrity or the critical freedom of parties to self-select their nominees. My commitment honors America’s founding principle of a government “of the People.”  Aligned with these values, I resolutely advocate for its ongoing implementation in our electoral process, ensuring it remains the bedrock of fair, active, and meaningful political engagement in Utah.

Please join us in thanking the following elected officials and candidates for signing the pledge so far:

  • Senator Mike Lee
  • Trent Staggs, former candidate for U.S. Senate
  • Colby Jenkins, former candidate for CD2
  • Mike Kennedy, candidate for CD3
  • Phil Lyman, former candidate for governor
  • Natalie Clawson, former candidate for lieutenant governor
  • Christina Boggess, former candidate for SD16
  • Trevor Lee, candidate for HD16
  • Jennifer Garner, former candidate for HD17
  • Fred Cox, candidate for HD30
  • Lisa Shepherd, candidate for HD61
  • Neil Walter, candidate for HD74
  • Joann Brinton, candidate for SSB15
  • Skyler Beltran, candidate for Utah County Commission
  • Nicholeen Peck, candidate for HD28
  • Heidi Balderree, candidate for SD22
  • Kera Birkeland, candidate for HD4
  • Jordan Teuscher, candidate for HD44
  • Logan Monson, candidate for HD69
  • Ryan Wilcox, candidate for HD7
  • Jennie Earl, candidate for USBE District 1
  • Tom Hansen, former candidate for HD 67
  • Jake Sawyer, candidate for HD9
  • Stephanie Gricius, candidate for HD50
  • Ken Ivory, candidate for HD39
  • Kris Kimball, former candidate for USBE District 7
  • Chad Bennion, former candidate for SD29
  • Karianne Lisonbee, candidate for HD14
  • Cory Maloy, candidate for HD52
  • Frank Mylar, former candidate for AG
  • Paul Miller, former candidate for CD1
  • Monica Wilbur, former candidate for USBE District 10
  • Garrett Cammans, former candidate for SD22

This list will be updated periodically as new signatures are gathered.

Will you sign the pledge? You can sign it here