Salt Lake City, UT — Today, UTGOP Chair Rob Axson released the following statement in response to KSL’s biased accusations and lack of retraction on June 13, 2024.

While the statement from KSL in response to their defamatory post is a start, it misses the mark. First, it does not admit to falsely attacking and slandering the Utah Republican Party on radio and in social media posts. Second, there is no evidence of corrective action or immediate follow-through to ensure that libelous and biased attacks won’t happen again.

KSL should conduct an internal audit of the bias displayed yesterday and in recent years, including a review of the culture or policies that have allowed opinion to masquerade as “news.” Utahns deserve news outlets that accurately report facts instead of equivocating about “doing better” next time when caught pushing nonsense.


Yesterday, KSL published this statement and follow up question. When the party reached out to KSL – even visiting the station manager in person – about the post, KSL acknowledged verbally that the post was inappropriate and factually inaccurate. It was also acknowledged that the nature of content in their morning show went against their guidelines while criticizing the Utah Republican Party.

The Utah Republican Party gave KSL all day to issue a statement and retract the accusation. After 8+ hours they took the post down.

Later yesterday afternoon, KSL issued the following statement. This statement neither retracts the accusation nor appropriately addresses how the post was even made in the first place. It also did not provide a repudiation of their biased on air attacks.


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