Filing is now open for any Republican who would like to represent Utah at the national level during the Republican National Convention (National Delegates are tasked with casting a vote to officially determine the Republican Presidential nominee), following the general election (Presidential Electors cast a vote in the Electoral College), or as a member of the RNC (as the National Committeeman or National Committeewoman). The filing period closes on March 28 at 5pm.

Any Republican who qualifies* may run for any of the following 82 open positions: National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, National Delegate (25 at-large, 3 per Congressional District), Alternate National Delegate (25 at-large, 3 per Congressional District), and Presidential Elector (2 at-large, 1 per Congressional District). To file for any of these positions, please complete this form which includes the following three steps:

Step 1: Notify the State Party of your intent to run and for which position(s) HERE. NOTE: You may not run for both National Delegate and Alternate National Delegate. You may run for National Delegate or Alternate National Delegate and Presidential Elector.

Step 2: Pay the appropriate filing fee through a link on the Filing Form. The filing fees for each office are as follows:

    • $100 for National Committeeman & National Committeewoman
    • $75 for National Delegate
    • $50 for Alternate National Delegate
    • $50 for Presidential Elector

Step 3: Sign your appropriate candidate certification for the role(s) you have filed to run for. National Delegates, Alternate Delegates and Presidential Electors must comply with certain requirements to be eligible.

The election for these positions will be done at the 2024 Utah State Nominating Convention in Salt Lake City on April 27th. Although the Party does not offer opportunities to give speeches at the convention for Presidential Electors, National Delegate & Alternate candidates, you may request to purchase ad space or rent a booth by clicking HERE. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Convention Team at [email protected].

*Candidates for Presidential Elector, National Delegate, and Alternate National Delegate must be a registered Republican voter in Utah and have participated, either in person, through allowed absentee procedures, or by administering the meetings, in the most recent caucus (neighborhood elections) meetings. (Utah Republican Party Bylaws 8.5.N.8)

**All national and alternate delegate candidates shall sign a pledge that they will abide by the state party and national party rules and cast their vote at national convention according to whom they are bound. (Utah Republican Party Bylaws 8.5.N.2)

***Any Republican Presidential Elector from the state of Utah that attempts to vote for a candidate other than the Republican presidential nominee in the electoral college shall be automatically and immediately removed from the office of presidential elector by the chair of the Utah Republican Party, and the chair shall appoint another elector who will vote for the Republican presidential nominee. (Utah Republican Party Bylaws 8.5.N.9)