Fundraising – Don Guymon


For several years, I coached youth baseball. I have had a boy who tried to hit home runs all the time. It would either be a home run or a strikeout.

I had to coach him that home runs were great, but a single, double or triple was great as well. Those three were certainly better than a strikeout.

The same goes for fundraising for the Utah GOP. It’s great to get big donations, but smaller donations should not be ignored.

The campaigns of Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, and even Donald Trump suggest the power of the small donation. All three candidates (while of very different philosophies) did much better than anyone anticipated. All three all started political movements that changed the political landscape. While Trump was able to self-fund, he also received several small donations and continues to do so. In Q1 of 2019, Trump set a near record for fundraising thanks in part to $3.3 million raised on donations of $200 or less.

It is not surprising the three candidates drew large crowds and motivated volunteers.

It’s time for the Utah Republican Party to follow this same model. Yes, we still need the home runs, but it is time we start getting some singles, doubles, and triples by working to get smaller donations.  There are over 600,000 registered Republicans. Think of what could happen if the party could get 10% of them to make a $50 yearly donation? That’s $3 million.

One of the challenges the party faces is Utahn’s want value. The party needs to provide value.

If the county and state parties team up with local businesses, we can provide that value. Allow businesses to become sponsors and give members of the party who donate $50 the chance for discounts. Creating a win-win-win scenario for the party. The state and county parties could split the money. If carried out the party could fund all its operations and give real help to campaigns. Add in large donations and think of the money the party could have.

When people donate, they have skin in the game. They will be more likely to volunteer. The money and volunteers would make Republican candidates unbeatable.