Resolution on Federalism and Securing Our Border


Sponsored by Alexis Ence
Adopted by the State Central Committee, January 27, 2024

WHEREAS, the federal government is entrusted, and constitutionally mandated, with the responsibility to protect and secure our nation’s borders; and

WHEREAS, Operation Lone Star, led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, has been in operation for over a year, addressing the critical issues of illegal immigration and smuggling along the U.S.-Mexico border; and

WHEREAS, the Texas National Guard, the primary force behind Operation Lone Star, has demonstrated its commitment to safeguarding our border, despite challenges such as late pay and issues with troop engagement; and

WHEREAS, recognizing the limitations faced by the Texas National Guard in sustaining the mission over an extended period, Governor Abbott has called upon the support of fellow governors to contribute National Guardsmen to the operation; and

WHEREAS, at least 13 Republican governors, including those from Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Nebraska, have pledged to deploy National Guardsmen to support Operation Lone Star, collectively offering approximately 1,300 Guardsmen to reinforce the mission; and

WHEREAS, the troops participating in Operation Lone Star are on state active-duty orders, demonstrating their commitment to service even with the associated challenges, such as reduced pay and benefits compared to federal duty; and

WHEREAS, this resolution aims to reaffirm the principles of federalism, recognizing the states’ duty to act when the federal government falls short in fulfilling its responsibility to secure our nation’s borders;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Utah GOP fully supports Operation Lone Star and commends the Republican governors who have pledged their National Guardsmen to enhance border security efforts.

RESOLVED that the Utah GOP fully supports the statement that Governor Cox and the 24 other governors released in support of Texas Governor Abbott and Texas’ constitutional right to self-defense.

RESOLVED that the Utah GOP emphasizes the importance of federalism in addressing border security, asserting that when the federal government fails in its duty, it is the responsibility of the states to step up and protect the safety and well-being of our citizens.

RESOLVED that the Utah GOP calls on Utah’s leaders to utilize available resources to help secure the southern border, ensuring the sovereignty of all states—including Utah.


Kimball Willard, Barry Sawyer, Haylee Caplin, Lesa Sandberg, Nate Brooksby, Gene Garate, Adlai Elison, Skyler Beltran, Chris Coombs, Kim DelGrosso, Maryann Christensen, Juan Valladares, Aaron Bullen, Bob McEntee, Chad Saunders, Jennifer Garner, Jared Cahoon, Marjorie Haun, Kenyen Wilkins, Olivia Dawn, Mackey Smith, Kim Coleman, Thomas Gooch, Carolina Herrin, Lyndon Brittner, Wendy Hart, Lynn Jackson, Mari Eddy, Zac Wilson, Aimee Winder Newton, Kristen Brown, Ben Summerhalder, David Pyne, Jaime Wadman, Megan Dean, Alexia Koeppel, Lisa Shepherd, Jason Hackett, Chad Saunders, Jon-David Jorgenson, Carolyn Phippen, Rachel Goates, Holly Crowley-Rabanne, Attorney General Sean Reyes, Derek Brown, Gunnar Thorderson, Jamie Munns

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