Resolution in Support of the Utah Flag



Adopted by the Convention, April 22, 2023


WHEREAS, the Utah State flag, established in 1913, is beautiful, meaningful, full of important history, and was designed and crafted by our courageous ancestors–the strong people who founded this great state;

WHEREAS, the symbolism of the Utah Flag includes two US flags (representing support for the United States and the Constitution), the Bald Eagle (representing protection in peace and war), the Sego Lily (representing the Pioneers and the Native American tribes – Shoshone, Goshute, Navajo, Paiute, Northern Utes, and White Mesa Utes), the Beehive and the word “INDUSTRY” (representing hard work and industry), the year “1847” (representing when the Pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley), the year “1896” (representing when Utah officially achieved statehood), and Six Arrows (representing the mark of ‘preparedness’ – ready to defend our heritage, our ideals, and our achievements);

WHEREAS, a nationwide movement aims to defame, rewrite, and erase American history, including state flags and even the US flag;

WHEREAS, the 2023 legislature narrowly passed and the governor signed into law SB 31, completely changing the official Utah flag, removing significant historic symbolism and honor to our heritage;

RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party rejects the erasure of American history that is engulfing our country, including the unnecessary change of Utah’s official flag, which has served our state for over 110 years;

RESOLVED, in honor of our forebears, the Utah Republican Party firmly supports the historic Utah flag remaining the official state flag in perpetuity;

RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party will continue to display the historic Utah flag at all Party functions and events.


Brandon Beckham, Chad Saunders, Whit Cook, Bob McEntee, Kristen Chevrier, Megan Strader, Teena Horlacher, Lisa Shepherd, Keith Kuder, Dalane England, Lowell Nelson, Kim Coleman, Aaron Bullen, Wendy Hart, John Morris, Blaine Nay, Jeremy Martin, Dean Barley, Lyle Decker, Curtis Crowe, Paul Hiskey, Ben Wilson, Sherry Paul, Edwin Neff, Matthew Blakemore, Geoffery McIntyre, Becky Hope, Dan Willis, Andrea Thornock, Craig Bradford, Scott Whitaker, David Karmeli, Stephanie Wilcox, Melanie Monestere, Brent Maxwell, Alexia Preston, Jason Ostler, Olivia Dawn, Brian Williams, Marlee Meyers, Cole Kelley, Christina Boggess, Stacie Peterson, Jeff Gaston, Patricia Jones, Kirk Nitz, Michelle Meline, Amy Lloyd, Catherine Duke, Kris Kimball, Jerri Fuhriman, Sam Dahl, Doug Clark, Jennifer Eaves, Shauna Walker, Ted Lee, Otto Krauss, Jack Draxler, Jason Jewkes, Richard Olsen, Margaret Harline, Eric Moutsos, Steven Stockdale, Dana McCabe, Mike Bird, Rob Axson, Ann Marie Kenney, Louise Swensen, Leesa Davis, Sherry Clarke, Heidi Balderree, Rebecca Colley, Elizabeth Smart, Quinn Kotter, Jennie Williams, Jordan Clay, Kristin Richey, James Owens, Bernadette Brockman, Deno Sereni, Teresa Cutler, Tracie Halvorsen, Janet Eyring, Ron Mortensen, Justin Holt, Jack Ralls III, Mike Carpenter, Damon Kershaw, Brandi Noble, Susan Barretta, Ilene Hacker, Kenyen Wilkins, David Christiansen, Lynda Roper, Michael Armatage, Michael Beynon, Rhonda Hair, Gary Tidwell, Natalie Clawson, Tiffany Barker, Stephanie Grant, Sean Peterson, Terry Peterson, Jake Holdaway, Karen Layton, Riley McFarland, Robert Jensen, Natasha J. Anderson, Sandra Ballard, Dave Paul, Mark Allen, Sarah Bailey, Anna Bailey, Helena Kleinlein, Stephan Kleinlein, Ben Summerhalder, Kimber Furr, Andrew Semadeni, Mark Lewis, Gunnar Thorderson, Todd Holland, Trevor Lee, Brien Heideman, Heather Heideman, Mike Preston, Deni Preston, Mike Curtis, Doan Curtis, Janet Hatch, Nate Hatch, Cathy Higginson Owens, Brad Owens, Brooke Peterson, Barrett Peterson, Amber Knudsen, Kenneth Knudsen, Lindsey Andersen, Sue Olson, Karen Sadler, Wendy Hart, John Wallace, Catherine Young, Kim Delgrosso, William Welch, Mary Kaye Welch, Dwayne King, David Christiansen, Dale Gibson, Pamela McKinno, Annie Taylor, John DelGrosso, Creighton King, Robert Crawley, Fred Roberts, Rita Arballo, Lara Christensen, Arturo Morales, Jill Jasperson, Steven Reid, Carla Smith, Andrea Thornock, Emelie Lasson, Keith Harrison, Philippe Templeman, Hoc Vu


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