Resolution in Support of Repealing R277-328 and All CRT Praxis in Utah Schools



Sponsored by Christina Boggess
Adopted by the State Central Committee, October 28, 2023

WHEREAS, “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) is a worldview rooted in “critical theory” espoused by the Frankfurt School and plagiarizes the thinking of Karl Marx and praxis of Paulo Freire.  The ideology has explicit presuppositions.  Some of which are:  “racism is normal and unavoidable,” “the ‘white man’ is incapable of “racially righteous” actions unless he has an “interest convergence,”” “reason and meritocracy are ideas that privilege the white man and should be rejected,” and “knowledge is socially constructed–there are no objective truths.”  CRT then demands a way of living and installation infrastructure to address these doctrines.  This way of living includes the deconstruction of language to achieve the goals of the religion.  One who is baptized into the CRT infrastructure is officially an “antiracist,” and any action or thought in contravention to the “antiracist” doctrine renders one a “racist” who must be called out and disciplined within the framework;

WHEREAS, Article X of the Utah Constitution designates a power structure establishing USBE control and supervision over public schools and the programs and policies the legislature designates;

WHEREAS, in May of 2021, the Republican legislators in both the Utah House and Senate passed resolutions that identified risks of CRT in public education and made recommendations to the State Board of Education regarding the prohibition of certain harmful concepts;

WHEREAS, on June 21, 2021, the Utah Republican State Central Committee passed a “Resolution in Support of Prohibiting Critical Race Theory in Utah’s Schools;”

WHEREAS, on August 8, 2021, the Utah State Board of Education installed, codified and further entrenched the Praxis of CRT into Utah’s Schools through R277-328;

WHEREAS, after two years of the USBE’s inaction and failure to address CRT praxis within its own agency and protect children from the praxis and teaching of CRT in K-12 schools, the legislature passed HB 427 in 2023.  HB 427 outlines the legislature’s intent that “the LEA’s professional learning, administrative functions, displays, and instructional and curricular materials, are consistent with…principles of individual freedom” and that any practices or items not in compliance be disbanded;

WHEREAS, on September 25, 2023, Representative Tim Jimenez and Senator Mike Kennedy (HB 427 sponsors) sent a letter to USBE Leadership querying, “Why has there been a prolonged delay in bringing the Utah State Board of Education into compliance with the legislative directive and Utah code, namely, rescinding R277-328 and addressing other conflicts?

WHEREAS, multiple Utah State Board of Education rules and auxiliary programs/documents are now in direct conflict with Utah code and reject the legislature’s clear directive to prohibit the teaching and praxis of CRT, including, but not limited to: R277-328, Resolution Embracing Equity, Portrait of a Graduate, R277-613, R277-304 (4), R277-609, R277-217

RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party calls on the Utah State Board of Education to fully repeal, in its entirety, R277-328, immediately disbanding and rescinding all associated documents, training, programs and policies; and 


RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party calls on the Utah State Board of Education to make all current and future policies/resolutions consistent with HB 427, passed in 2023, and all other laws that the legislature may designate and to formulate and act on policy in a manner that ensures all LEAs and their employees comply with the law.


Brandon Beckham, Becky Hope, Jesse Sloan, Jaime Wadman, Jennifer Chamberlain, Juan Valladares, Erin Longacre, Gloria Vindas, Jason Hackett, Kim DelGrosso, Whit Cook

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