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With Utah being the youngest state in the country, our aim is to recruit and develop the next generation of Republicans.  Our goal is to have 30% of State Delegates 30 years or younger by 2020.  

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Under 30 Goal

College Republicans

College is an exciting time in life! It’s a time where we make friends, have fun, learn and grow. It prepares for the rest of our lives and helps us figure out what we believe. Unfortunately, many college students today believe that the only way to be compassionate and have a positive impact on the world is by following liberal policies, and that simply isn’t true. Conservative ideas are not only compassionate and empowering, but also provide the best structure of government and policies to help everyone in society.


The College Republican organization has been around since 1892, giving college students the opportunity to learn more about conservative ideas and be involved in the political process. The Utah Federation of College Republicans is proud to say that we have chapters in nine colleges and universities around the state, but no matter where you attend school, we are here to help you! Our purpose is to educate students in the principles of the US Constitution and conservatism, and to provide them volunteer and advocacy opportunities so that they can develop into the leaders of tomorrow. We are grateful to serve the people of Utah, the Utah Republican Party, and look forward to Utah’s bright future.


Young Republicans

You’re the future of the Republican Party in the State of Utah and throughout the United States. Learn more about what the Utah GOP is doing to help the next generation of the Utah Republicans get involved with enhancing their civic duties. 

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