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The Utah Republican Party is an organization comprised of 1,000,000 members strong.  Together, the party ensures that conservative principles are the basis for decision making statewide.  In order to support our members, elected representatives, and maintain our stronghold, fundraising must be a perpetual effort. Your donation can make a difference in three key areas:

  • Fund Operations: we enjoy having a state party office that helps convene the party and enable leadership to carry out their responsibilities. Operational support includes helping pay the power bill, maintain the website, and keep the phones on.
  • Sponsor an Event: each year we strive to provide an experience for all delegates and members to come together and conduct party business at our state organizing convention. This is among the most important events the party hosts.  We ask for your assistance in helping pay for the signage, advertising, venue, etc.
  • Support a Candidate: help a candidate with flyers, calls or transportation. Campaigns quickly exhaust financial resources and candidates are always looking for additional help in this area.

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