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Nominees Updates

Convention Results Coming Soon!

Go to the UTGOP Facebook Page where Chairman Brown will Facebook-Live the voting results for the 2020 Virtual State Convention when we receive them.

1600 Hours of Watching!

State Delegates watched more than 1,600 hours of candidates’ convention speeches, with over 32,000 views! They also watched an average of 3 minutes per video.

Voting is now Open!

Voting is now officially open for the 2020 Utah GOP Convention. Please vote early so there is ample time to address any issues.

Virtual Online Convention

Due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus, Chairman Derek Brown has announced that our state convention will move to a virtual online convention.

We will continue to provide updates on the convention details in the coming weeks.

Caucus Night Postponed

Our caucus meetings have also been postponed. If you were elected as a state delegate at the 2018 caucus, you will serve as the delegate for the 2020 state convention.  Please contact your precinct chair or county chair if you are unable to serve as a state delegate in the precinct that you were elected in.

Electronic Voting

For convention we will be voting electronically with a mobile app called Voatz.

Click on the button to learn about how to download, install and use this app to vote for convention.

Ranked Choice Voting

Since electronic voting is new to delegates, and we want to have time to resolve voting problems delegates may encounter, it is impractical to use multi-round voting where everyone would need to vote at the same time. So we will be using Ranked Choice Voting where delegate will rank candidates in each race, and tallying will be done in multiple rounds, using the same candidate elimination rules that are used in multi-round voting. Click the button below to learn more about Ranked Choice Voting.

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