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Elections Integrity

Earlier today, President Trump’s legal team held a press conference outlining evidence of what appears to be wide-spread improprieties in the elections practices in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. These allegations, if found to be substantiated, could change the outcome of the election. In light of the gravity of these allegations, they need to be thoroughly investigated, and if necessary, litigated.

The American people deserve to know whether these allegations are true or false. The Utah Republican Party stands not only with the American people on this issue, but with the President. If there is any truth to the concerns about connections between the Dominion voting machines, Smartmatic voting software, and coordinated attempts to interfere with the outcome of the election, it is in our country’s best interest to shed light on what has happened. After all, sunlight is always the best disinfectant. While the Utah Republican Party stands firmly with the President and his request that these serious allegations be investigated, we also believe it is in everyone’s best interest to have these allegations addressed and resolved. This is true regardless of who eventually wins the election. We call on all parties involved to conduct an open and honest investigation as quickly as possible, and for Americans to accept the outcome of that investigation. The American people deserve to know that they can trust the system by which we choose our elected officials.